Video Portfolio

Artist Reel


This clip was made to feature Gallo Guitars and the artwork behind it on a Facebook post. It is yet to be released on our official page.

The video was created to emulate viral "how it's made"/ "what this is" structure, by using storytelling, which is a key trait of virality.


Animated Meme


The key idea behind this video was to share a feeling with our audience. I picked on this trend of other pages using Shia LaBoeuf's Creative Commons video to promote travel and another to encourage friends to go to Disney. Since I run the Facebook page for Gallo Guitars, this video was the perfect piece of content I needed to to create to help promote our page.

After just a couple of days, the video has reached great success, organically, through user and group sharing. There is a case study on the Web Content page.


Release Preview


Promoting musicians is also part of my work. Whether it is for independent musicians, music studios or a collaboration, these short previews are very important. They build hype and create links to their websites and YouTube channels, which results in higher rankings. 


Music Video Mashup


I grabbed one of my favorite songs by Angels and Airwaves and decided to turn it into a music video. These are very popular on YouTube, especially for songs that don't have a official video. All the footage was taken from other videos, such as footage from the band and some of Nike's ad campaigns.




.GIFs should be part of every content creator's portfolio. They are the perfect mix between video and static images and, if done skillfully, they can generate that surprisingly fun effect. Sometimes users are expecting a static image, but instead get movement, which is key for generating engaging content.

I find .GIFs most effective on Instagram as its layout is focused on visual content. Even if Instagram doesn't read .GIF files, a quick export to .MP4 will go a long way.